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Confident, experienced and focused on personal service to clients, Renée Chandler is a full time Realtor, licensed in 2000.  Her abilities to articulate and negotiate on behalf of her Sellers and Buyers are strong.


Renée specializes in waterfront and luxury homes, in a community, nine miles inland from Malibu, in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.  Her clients comprise buyers and sellers in all price ranges.


Renée is the best example of what a real estate agent should exemplify in terms of the qualities that buyers and sellers look for in an agent. She is incredibly diligent and responsive. She is a strong advocate for the client, and provides her objective viewpoints concerning every facet of a transaction. This creates a trusting relationship that makes it easy for a client to work with her. She is extremely professional and presents thoughtful feedback. Her marketing strategies, and visual presentations are cutting edge. Clients are completely comfortable leaving their buy and sell transactions in her able hands.


Renée offers experience, knowledge, and resources, along with the worldwide reach of Sotheby’s International Realty’s global network.

Our Treasured Lake's Inhabitants

In this high tech, fast lane life we find ourselves living in, great value is placed on a calming environment. Our beautiful Lake in Westlake offers the fortunate residents just that and so much more.   A proximity to our Lake is very healing and feeds the residents in a way that is like no other.

Most homeowner’s understand and appreciate the Lake as a thriving body of water that is home to magnificent birds such as Heron, Egret, Swan, Canadian Geese and Mallards.

I can recount a story shared by treasured friends this past Spring. I like to call the story “Viviane’s Garden.”   While visiting the Westlake Island home on many occasions, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful flower garden in the front yard. No matter the season, blooms were abundant, thriving, well tended and a feast for the senses.   Apparently a pregnant duck made the same discovery I did, and selected “Viviane’s Garden” to nest, awaiting the arrival of her babies. As if planned to perfection, six babies were born on Easter Sunday, during the family gathering, with the grandchildren in awe.

Another resident recounts the sheer joy of viewing the bass swimming in the channel below his second floor home office, the sight of a great blue heron resting atop a canopy of one of the many boats on the lake, or watching a family of turtles near the shoreline.

Last year, two Swans nested on a small island at the end of Whitesail Circle. The rare sighting of the two swans and their baby is a vision to behold. The residents have named another Swan who lost its mate “the Lonely Swan” as Swans mate for life. The Lonely Swan usually accompanies another couple but keeps its distance.

A few years ago, a Canadian Mother Goose nested on a rock by a point residence on Freshwind Circle. I checked on her anytime I was at the home. One Sunday, to my delight, I noticed she had company. Her protective mate arrived for the birth of the babies, during that Sunday open house.

Living amidst all these miracles of Mother Nature, on a beautiful private lake, in a community in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains nourishes the soul.   Whether you commute on the 101 to Los Angeles or work in our community, you are rewarded at day’s end, for your home is our Treasured Lake.

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